Wonderous Gifts

In the last week I have been so blessed as to have received many different kinds of gifts from my friends. Many where from a trip to south Texas with one girlfriend to see another of our girlfriends. Don't you love it when you can get together with your "sisters"?

Well the first one mentioned here was a Muscat wine from . Now the town of Sister Creek only has 25 residents. The wine is only sold in Texas. The Muscat wine is referred to as "Summer in a Bottle". To that I do agree. It is a crisp sweet dessert wine that I fell in love with.

We also was able to take a tour of the San Antonio Botanical Gardens. There was an amazing garden just for the blind. It was where all the plants could be touched. Many wonderfully scented herbs here. And the "Garden of Eden" (as I called it) was there too. Yes! There was plants that all made my favorite indulgences. Coffee, Chocolate, Tapioca, Vanilla, Banana, Pomegranate and many more. I could eat my way through there. But what I adored the most was the Wisteria. This plant smells so wonderful and holds so many memories for me.

We also visited The Cave Without a Name. (True) There we heard Native American Flute played with Tibetan Bowls (brass bowls filled with water played by rubbing your finger around the rim to make a chime). This music (you can hear it here) was so haunting reverberating off the cave walls. The Cave Without a Name is a live cave, so you can not touch any of it or that part will die. I have never seen water so crystal clear. Like looking through a sheet of glass. The cave's name came from a student who said it was too pretty to have a name.

I also received a wonderful art book from my girlfriend. The paintings reproduced in here are so full of golds, silvers and mosaics that just take your breath away. Gvstav Klimt is the famous artist who did "The Kiss".

And then never least or last, Juls from Crazee Scotts mailed me my prize. I won the Twilight DVD. Her and the girls were so nice to include popcorn and candy too. Thank you so much. You have helped me provide a birthday present for CG's 22nd celebration.

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