What the Who?

I am an inventive woman. And the mother of invention is called Necessity. Necessity insist that I pay the bills here. In order to do so I have found many ways to bring in the bacon. One way is that I run an answering service for a local plumber. In return he has the phone and internet as his business account. See inventive?

So 7 days a week we are here to take his calls. And of course we have telemarketers too. But sometimes your just not sure who is who. A phone call can be from someone who just does not understand what an answering service does. (Hey we get this all the time.) Often you hear us say Who Just Called? As the person would not leave a message.

Well I found a way around that. I can now go to a website and plunk in the phone number. (Don't you just love caller ID.?) If it is a telemarketer then it normally pops up and tells me so. Sometimes the call may be from a business who is looking for a local plumber. But will not leave a message. They think if they call back he will answer the phone. Of course they always get Moi'. Now I know weather to pass on a message or not.

So if you call and you get sweet lil ol me. Then tell me the problem and I will do my best to get a plumber right out to you. Of course, I am not sure if you want the service call when your not right here in town.


  1. This amuses me. I cannot count how many times I've heard your end of a conversation that went something like this..."This is his answering service. If you call back you will still reach me." and once you finally get that hammered in there's this..."What type of problem are you having? I need to know so I can tell the plumber what the problem is."and so on and so on. Why do people not understand this? And my all time favorite is them telling you "He's been here before, he knows where we are" when you ask for an address and directions. Honestly! It's like they are saying I need a problem, but I don't want to talk to the person who will actually send him to me, I do not want him to know what the problem is, & I don't want him to actually locate my house! People are strange!

  2. Good for you, having a flexible job like this. I bet you get some interesting conversations. :-)

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