Looking to the Future

The way DH has to work two jobs so we can just make it. Well it frustrates me! Most of his income goes to pay child support to his other families. And that I understand. But that does not leave anything for him to live on. I mean who do you know that works 40 hours a week and is lucky to bring home $70-$100? So that is why the second job is so necessary.

Well one of the places now has a retirement fund. It does mean we have to lose some income but that is ok to help make sure we may have a little further down the road. So we are in a learning process of how all these investments work. I searched and found Online Broker at a site that does retirement accounts.

You see I do not have an outside job. I am disabled and have to draw on my social security. This started at age 35 so I can not imagine that there will be any thing I can look forward to as I age. Not that we can at this time but hopefully some time I can invest some into a retirement account too. Not that I will ever get to do Stock Trading or Online Trading. But may be that Online Broker will help me set up retirement.


  1. Best of luck. I saw your comment on the big blue mustang and you had me laughing so I wanted to stop over and say thanks. I loooove your blog by the way. Hugs, jen

  2. First of all (((hugs))) financial insecurity is awful, I know.

    Second of all, it sounds like you at least have a plan, which is better than nothing.

    Good luck to you in getting that savings ball rolling. Last year, I was living paycheque to paycheque (cheque? yes, I am Canadian) and had nothing in the bank, ever. I started putting away $50 per pay (which is harder than it sounds, but worth the sacrifice) and now I have $1200+ in my RRSP. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.


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