Great Adventures

Well Spring Break is over for my CG but is just starting for others. For example this week I will be heading to San Antonio with my girl friend Julie during her Spring Break. (She is a Latin teacher and gets all the vacations off!) Also another friend of mine is heading off to far reaching lands...well for me they are. She is off to London! I am so envious.

It took some planning and she looked for London hotels online. She found a dedicated London hotel booking site that gave her street guides with in depth infomation about the city of London. Quite helpful. Of course she is on a budget (who isn't) and needed cheap London hotels. She found some really good deals. One such room was only $52.17 for one night. She will not have a private bath but she laughed and said this was not new for her. She is one of 8 children growing up and never had a private bath.

I would love to travel to London. It is the only place outside of the USA that I have ever had a desire to visit. And if I every get that luxury then I know where to find the latest London hotel deals. I know not all of the London hotel have shared bathrooms!


  1. Okay, I am not loving your new comment form here.
    I'd love to see London one day. And Ireland. And Scotland. Heck just most of Europe. Someday maybe.
    I am sure you and Julie are going to have a blast! I am just trying to survive Spring Break myself.
    Glad to seesyou got your signature up and are up and running on Twitter. You are really doing great!s

  2. I understand it is different.s But it has features I do like.s Such as emotioncons, rich text and mostly that I can reply back to your comments.s The first time you use it you have to "sing in" but it saves info after that.s (from what I see)s Give it a chance and see?s *DONT_KNOW*


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