Found a bit of My Grandmother

Thanks to for this photo.

I remember this watch from when I was a child. It was the style my grandmother use to wear. I loved the simple elegance of the time piece. I still love it. As a matter of fact I did not know that you could still purchase this watch. It had been put in my head as a piece from a by gone era. When a watch was a tool to keep time with.

But now there are so many different things people look for. Most of all seems to be the name. Weather it be Movado, Tag-Heuer or Cartier it seems to be the name people recognize first. And second seems to be luxury. So we are looking for luxury watches too.

Well it is nice that some can find these items and still get a relatively good deal. I was happy to see this Lady Hamilton Watch for a great savings of 74% off at $84.00. That is a savings of $241.00. Not bad! I wonder if my CG would love this as much as I do? She has simple taste too. And knowing that it was the style my grandmother wore would mean something to her. It is an idea for an end of year gift for her. A finals are finally over gift. What do you think??

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