CG's School Loans

With CG returning back to school this week, I have time to finish up on her new college loan applications. It is a task I never look forward too. The first year we did this I had to learn about credit repair. As with most of us, mine is not the best. And the student loans are also judged by the parents credit reports.

So I bit the bullet and looked online on how to repair credit. I know y'all know I use online to find almost everything. I found that there are ways to help out the most "average Joe". That there are rules that actually come around to our benefit. There are ways to remove bad reports and misplaced reports. When you do this you can fix credit

Now we are in our third year of the college loan process. You would think that it is becoming old hat to me. But alas, I am a whimp with numbers and this task always challenges me. And with the laboring economy I fear that it will be harder and harder each year to secure CG's financing. Now I am off to the loan application grindstone.

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