Saturday Night Lights

Miss Comanche County Pageant

I had the pleasure of attending my first local beauty pageant. I was not sure as to how it would go. And I was nicely surprised.
There were girls there from all economic classes and all different shape and sizes. It was refreshing to see the typical pageant teen next to the "cowgirl" teen. Or the tall thin girl next to the heavier shorter one. And that they all were running around the area with smiles and floating on air.

I was there to support several young ladies. My great niece who won a crown, sash and trophy for high ticket sales. She was happy to have won anything at all. Also a neighborhood girl who came in 2nd runner up in her class. To see her smile and shining eyes as she had her photo taken by family and friends. Also a friends niece who also had a participation trophy float around the auditorium knowing she was a winner with so many people rooting for her.

There was trouble with the sound system and some of the special effects. I enjoyed seeing the past years queens take their final walks and to be hugged by parents bearing smiles and tears. It was a blast to feel all the excitement as friends yelled, screamed and whistled as they rooted for the favorite in their group. And it was even enjoyable to hang out at the local ice cream shop watching all these lil girls decked out in gowns and rhinestones eating sundaes.


  1. aw, that sounds like a great time was had by all! and im a coffee fiend too... i could live on coffee... with lots of cream, of course! :)

  2. phew well now that i went through all your chores I am spent is rainy here so my intentions for the day are to stay dry
    Happy Monday...

  3. Hiya from SITS! :)

    Wow.. Yeah - sounds like you did have a manic Monday! :P Have a great week ahead!


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