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Drawing on 2-25-09

Just another Manic Monday---as the lyrics say. But I have to say I am finally all caught up. Whew!

I worked hard Sunday while all was working and gone to church. Finished 6 loads of laundry. So this morning when I woke at 5 am (as usual) I knew I had to stay on the ball. Jumped up in high gear and made the bed, put up last of clean clothes. (Did not want to wake hubby last night to do it) Cleaned up me, cleaned up bathroom at same time, dressed and came out of bedroom with all the dirty clothes from the night before. Shut the door and know that room is finished for the day. Threw in laundry, let dogs out, fed and watered pets, cleaned guinea pig cage, cleaned the litter box and washed myself up again. Let in dogs, fixed coffee, put up clean dishes from last nights dinner and sat down at my desk. Breathed!

Whew! 6 am and my chores for the day are done. It is not like I can't find more, much more to be done, but the main ones are over already. So yes a lil Manic this morning but so glad to be over my foggy bottom days.

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  1. omg you exhausted me just reading all that !!! AND you blogged, too!!! have a great week and happy manic monday! :)

  2. You go girl! So what's up for the rest of the day?

    Why does that never seem to happen over here? I don't think "caught up" is actually possible over on this side of the street. Mondays are always my big get caught up days after the weekend.

  3. my, my, you have been busy!!

  4. Yay!! Sounds like you got a lot done! Thanks for the comment on my blog, come by any time!!

  5. Hmmmmm...this sounds very Flyladyish. Color me impressed. I'm lucky just to get out of bed before 6am. Way to go, girl!!

  6. Thanks for all the great codes/info!


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