Give me a P

I am getting to do another letter post. I asked Miss Lou Ann to draw one for me. Of course she was gracious to do just that and sent me the letter "P".

I was drawn to her blog when I read her profile. I swear she sounds just like me. Lou Ann says "Maybe we are long lost twins with the same personality ". I tend to agree. Well there is one difference. I have only one child to her two. But that seems to be the only thing. Read for yourself and see:

I am a forty something mother of two great kids...I am a bit of a control freak ... I may forgive but I rarely forget...I will trust you until you give me a reason not to... I am a planner and like to live by a schedule... I am hard working and believe that nothing comes for free... I am moody and sarcastic and sometimes bossy... I'm a hard to get to know at first... I am punctual and tardiness is an irritant... I am honest... I am trustworthy....I am domesticated... I am a bit of a clean and organizing freak... That's about sums up ME!

So I am challenged to write ten things I love that started with the letter "P". Of course I would never follow the rules. So I am going to post 10 things that I love about today. Why today, Friday the 13th? Well I have not said much lately but it is back to court for the TF today. And I am to testify too! So I feel maybe I need to think of all the good things today instead of worry.

Here it goes. I hope I can do this?????

1. Punctual--The Judge here is very punctual. And with that we may not be there for the whole day. It can be quite exhausting.

2. Pretty--The TF mom is very pretty. I admire how well she can do her hair and makeup. I always feel so sloppy in this category.

3. Party--If things go as we hope for there will be a party for sure. We have not seen the babies in a month. Their mom is going crazy because she has not either.

4. Purse--I need to make sure I have some tissues in my purse. My nose always seems to run when I am at the court house.

5. Popular--The TF mom does not have family here at all. My mom and Nessa are joining me to help her feel more popular. She feels so lost sitting there alone when her soon to be ex has family all around him.

6. Portly--Ok my own lil giggle here. But I am amazed how the lawyers and Judge always seem just a bit portly. I think that they like myself enjoy a few too many of the southern dishes.

7. Practical--I am trying to stay very practical. Knowing things may not go the way we hope. So I need to be focused on just doing what is truthful.

8. Prayers--There has been so many prayers said for this whole situation. And I know there will be more said today. Especially from "Grannie Annie" as she has been a great supporter for me.

9. Past--There is a lot of up heave about the past few months. I need to try and not let that effect me.

10. Positive--I am to stay positive for TF mom and the rest of us. I can not wait for this to be settled. But more so for her to be reunited with her 4 adorable children. I greatly miss her mischievous daughter, her peanut of a boy and her monkey twin girls.

Thanks to all of y'all for listening to me and giving me support here. Don't forget my 50 toy give away. Enter and tell others too!. Thanks again to Lou Ann for letting me have my letter "P". Go visit her today.


  1. im thinking happy thoughts!!!!

  2. You know I'm praying about this!

    I love your P post!

    Why am I reading your blog instead of putting on make up so we can go?

  3. Such a good post - I especially liked number 6 lol. Big hello from SITS.

  4. You have PUNCTUAL on your list?

    That is my wish list for ME. Thank goodness for cell phones.:-)

  5. Great list!!!

    Thanks for playing along and following my blog. My long lost twin hehe!!!

    Lou Ann


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