Clean Sweep

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Well life here is still quiet. Not much doing. I keep thinking I need to de-clutter my home. I have even ordered a book from to help me. I am fighting the urge to just start throwing away tons of stuff. And to take everything off the walls. Sometimes it just feels like the stuff is taking over. If I can get rid of it all then the house will feel clean and right.

None of this makes sense since my home is not dirty. Lived in yes! And there does not matter what I remove it will still just be an old house. I am not sure why everything feels so overwhelming here. I think it is all due to my finances.

I am use to always taking care of all the bills. And having had childcare before to help pay them worked out. I have not had that in 6 months. I am now having to depend on others to have enough money to do it all. It is not working well enough. I really need to make more money and I am unsure as to what to do. This is more than likely why I feel so overwhelmed with "things" and want to purge it all.

Do you feel that way at times? How do you handle stress of bills? What is your "quick" fix when your unsure as what to do?


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  2. All I can say is I know how you feel. It can be scary! I wish I had the answer for you!

  3. I have a terrible time with "things." I can't throw things away. I need to sort them first, and I might find a use for it and maybe a yard sale would be nice and my mother's mother made that moth-eaten blanket so I can't throw that away... You know?
    I have no quick fixes for lack of money or for cleaning. I hope you get a handle on it. I'll send good thoughts.

  4. hi, saw you on Annie's blog...thought I'd say hi, from one crazee to a crazed, I saw you were from a small town in Tx...and so am I, but obviously not the same one...because we would know eachother, lol.


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