Savings for Electronics

I have found some more good deals for y'all and me too! I have been looking at electronics. Thinking of things to get my DH for Valentine's day. Plan ahead I always say. Instead I found myself some goodies.

When I have to purchase ink for my printer it is always so expensive. But I found a good deal for $10.00 off of $40.00 or more plus free shipping!

And I am getting 250 FREE business cards too! They are going to be my Bloggy Card.
I just paid for shipping for under $6.00. That is just two cents a card. Not bad I thought. How do you like them? They should be in the mail soon.

At Office Max you can use the coupon code and receive $15 off of $150 purchase and free shipping too!

And you can have $30.00 taken off of your bill if it is $150.00 at Office Depot.

With Valentine's coming up I found some online promotion codes for electronic Holiday gifts if your sweetie is the "geek" mine is. Give him any electronics and he is in heaven!

And Nessa you could knock the socks off of your DH with this First Act electric guitar. Take $30.00 the price and have it for him for just under $100.00.


  1. Great finds!

    Oh yes, we need another guitar around here, lol!


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