Time to Get to Work

Well today is December 1st. And it is time to put the Thanksgiving things away. Not that I had any out. But, figuratively. We have plenty to still nosh on for meals for a day or two. And we have been head deep in helping with Santa's Helpers. This is an organization that helps bring Christmas gifts to around 150 families in our community every year. I am especially good at getting the boxes we need to fill. Currently have over 300 of them and still need another 100 more. Also I am pretty good at organizing items that have been purchased or donated so we can fill these boxes. Only 19 more days til distribution for us.

What else? Well I need to finish this job of my dining room and living room floors. I have dragged my feet and dragged my feet on it. Oh and the housework has piled up all around me too. Lazy or depressed, who knows. Would prefer to go to bed, read a book and sleep til January. I also need to gather all the gifts I have hoarded this year, collate them, mark them and then wrap them. Then I get to stack them by family that they go to so I can distribute them. See this is why I do not feel the enjoyment that others seem too. I see it as a series of chores I have to do and accomplish. When it is all said and done what difference have I made for anyone? It is material things is all. I don't know? At least my hubby can feel good that gifts were provided to family members. I think that is the only reason I do these things at all. Just to please other peoples expectations.

Also need to do the monthly bill budget. That is always a frazzled feeling. Need to write my people that have monthly letters and get money out to some that I handle their accounts for them. Don't ask, just something I help some out with. We have made a deal so my daughter can have transportation. So I need to get insurance and tags on her "new" wheels. We found an '86 Ford Mustang Capri for her to use for college. Listed as a classic car so maybe it will be cool enough. LOL She is just happy to have wheels of her own again. Oh and need to crate this kitten that hubby brought home for Thanksgiving. He is going every where. And currently it is my computer desk that seems to be the most entertaining.

Well chores, chores and chores. So off to it.


  1. sounds like a REALLY long to-do list!! i'd want to sleep til january too!! hang in there!! thanks for the wave on my 500th!!!

  2. If I can get away to doing chores I would! HA! oh that reminds me, my desk is a BIG MESS! BUT I ain't cleaning it right now or maybe later! LOL! visiting here via sits! come by and say hello sometimes :)


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