Oh the sweet aroma!


Yes, I said SKUNK!
My good morning, I love you welcome from the dogs.
It is officially winter here.
Dogs have to out to potty and if it is early they will find a skunk seeking warmth.
Did I tell you we have 5 dogs.
All who can run faster than me!
And when they come in the house
(smelling of skunk)
they all run different directions.
One runs to the couch to roll on it.
Another to our bed to get the smell off.
A third goes to the bathroom.
(Must contaminate it too)
The fourth hides under the dining table.
And the fifth goes after the kitten.
(The only animal not smelling of skunk-yet)
So I get to do dog baths, me a shower, wash all the covers on beds, spray down the furniture, sweep and mop the floors.
And most of all--
I get to smell this lovely scent.

H E L P M E !

1 comment:

  1. Oh, NO! That's horrible. What an awful, smelly mess.

    My mom's dog scared a skunk a while back and they wouldn't allow him in the house until they could bathe him...like three times. It took some special mixture of something, I can't remember now, to neutralize the odor.

    I feel for ya.


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