The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

For the Good part of this post. I found a wonderful giveaway at Sunshine and Lemonade. She has a "Wicked" good idea. Go over and see if you get as excited as I did? I had to enter and have my fingers and toes crossed that I will win this one. Many giveaways make me happy but this one makes me ecstatic.

Okay then comes the Bad. It is Saturday the first of the month. So around here that means there are a lot of garage sales. And I am a garage sale junkie. Today I took my camera and found some items that I really wondered what were they thinking. And better yet who bought these items and what for?

So for Item #1:

These look like handmade baby shoes. Which are all good and cool except they are as big as my hand. See! So what size would the baby be? And if these are for an adult who would wear them? Hewy, Dewy or Louie?

Item #2:

For the Gal who has that certain something
....EXTRA? A garage sale find? Who sales a pair of lace black panties and a collar with a chain? Might be a gag gift but would you set that out on your table? And again, "look dear what I got you today?" Who would take it home?

Item #3:

This one I thought was really cool. A very old box of Borax and Niagara laundry products. And I actually found these at an estate sale. Sure enough right above the washer and dryer in the laundry room. But when was the last time these were used? And why where they still in the cabinets now? Are really neat vintage items but not sure how to "display" them. LOL

And finally we come to the Ugly part of the post. Actually she is not ugly at all. Just a little devilish. This is College Girl in her make-up for Halloween. She was the devil. And since she had to carry her backpack, laptop and purse all on campus with her, she named those her "bags of sin" that she was trying to unload upon others. She did not do too well as they all came home with her. Whew! That was one lucky college campus. LOL


  1. Well, at least those finds weren't as bad as the douche you saw at the Catholic Church's garage sale.

    Love you bunches! Thanks for the support with NaNo!

  2. Wow, what interesting finds at the garage sales! I need to get out and go to these more. I think they're so interesting and you can find such fascinating stuff. Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMG what a fun read! College Girl looks like she had lots of fun on Halloween. lol.


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