Self-Esteem Sunday


Melody over at Pennies In My Pocket
has started this lovely weekend tradition.
Self-Esteem Saturday or Sunday
I choose Sunday.

I am going to take an odd ball way around this one.
My college girl has been working on a dual major of Theater and English. And she has always wanted to write. But it is awful hard to sit and let all those ideas come flowing out in an organized manner. Yeah, I know they don't. Thoughts come out all jumbled this way and that way. And us "OCD" ones really do not like the mess they make.
So college girl is trying again this year to compete in NANOWRIMO. I am wanting to support her. Beside the cheer leading suit I wish I could wear for her there must be something else a frumpy ol' mom can do.
Wait? I have it!
I am going to join her in NANOWRIMO. This way we can have some friendly competition on who gets what word count daily. And maybe I can also exercise some demons of my own out of a story.
What does this have to do with Self-Esteem Sunday?
You know where life is all cheery and "Sunshine and Lemonade" (Small plug).
Well in my messed up head it is all related. I can support my college girl's self esteem by being in the trenches with her. And I think that is where I can do best as a mom. Sometimes that pat on the back comes best from the person beside you then the one up above you!


  1. Keep looking Up:-)


  2. Moms rock!!! And they come in all shapes, sizes and colors. God knows what He's doing!!! more "frump" talk, k? Don't make me come out there, *wink*

    Make it a great day!

  3. You're doing NaNoWriMo, you're doing NaNoWriMo, you're doing NaNoWriMo! *dances*

    I completely agree: it's better to get a pat on the back from the person next to you than the one up above you.

    Love you, Momma!

    I'm also going to relish the moment, since I'm sure it'll be brief. My word count is higher than yours!!!

  4. You're awesome to support your daughter by jumping into the writing yourself. I hope I'm like that for my boys as the grow. You set a good example!

    I visited her blog before yours, and I'm impressed her first day of writing was 1300 words in one hour! A great way to start nanowrimo.

    I like the idea of self-esteem Sunday.

    And I'm so excited about Kat's ten weeks of giveaways. She rocks!

  5. I think that is AWESOME you're going to support her like that! Without a doubt, THAT will boost her self-esteem. Friends are SO good for that!

    Thanks for participating! Sorry I'm so late getting to your post. The weekend was NUTS! ;)


  6. I think this rocks!

    Y'all are both super awseome!

  7. Wow, Lynette, what a commitment to your daughter!! Good for both of you and have fun.

    I checked out Dr. Wicked, btw, and that was so cool! Thanks So Much!!

    (I posted yesterday about how I am going to FauxNaNo this year, if you want to check it out.)


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