Follow me to a good Give Away!


Yeah that is what the button says.
Sunshine and Lemonade has her third week of giveaways posted today.
She is doing ten weeks total.
Can you believe that?
Well this week she has gone all out and is working on making another addict.
Yes, I said that right.
She is trying to get another unsuspecting soul caught up in the frenzy.
So that they too can be gnawing away at their nails til the newest fix is available.
What is her drug of choice?


So go over to Sunshine and Lemonade
and start entering into her giveaways.
It is really easy.
Just comment.
And Post about it.
How hard is that?
And you too can become addicted to


1 comment:

  1. hey there.

    thanks for the congrats on winning over at Rhea's blog!! :) i'm so happy that i won. i never win anything and then to win some TWILIGHT and TrueBlood stuff... wow!! I'm a total twilight junky!!

    I love the contest you posted about here, I might have to check that out... although I'd feel slightly selfish IF by some chance I won this one too, but I'd re-giveaway the movie campanion b/c I already am winning one... or keep the signed one and give the other... anyway... i'm rambling... sorry.

    i cannot wait to see the movie... i'm dying for it. :)

    have a great day! love your blog btw!! going to check out some more of it.

    thanks again.



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