Tuesday Tidbits

Well I just finished up the totals on last weeks combined dinners with Nessa. And we came to a surprising cost of .20 per person/per meal. Under $20.00 spent for the week with our frugal "cents". Was that what you expected? See our blog on it here to read what we did.
Otherwise, I took Monday to relax while I watched the twins. Spent a lot of time just hanging in the living room with them while they played. Did some clean up of course, daily dishes and laundry. Had a lovely dinner with Nessa of home made chili from her crock pot recipes. Maybe she will share it with us? It was yummy. My Sunday was indulgent with me getting to rest and keep my knee put up. And it helped! The swelling is all gone now. I was also paid for my child care for the next 3 months. Which is really nice but that has to spread out for that and 2 more months after that. My "mom" that I do child care for is doing college this year and her payment is coming from her refund checks. So they are limited and come only once in a blue moon. So I am looking at my budget for the next 5 months and seeing how I can adjust to make it all work. Think I have it figured out for bills to be paid but holidays are going to be on the 100% cheap and frugal side. That really does not bother me. More worried about in law families and how to deal with our economy vs theirs. Well it will all fall into place as it should.

So tell me how are you looking at your budget with the upcoming holidays?


  1. That's amazing! I don't think I could ever quite do that. I'm single, so it naturally costs more per person (since, you know, I'm only one person) for a meal. I am cutting back and working to keep within a budget!

  2. cant even comment on the 20 cents a person, I've done better but it was rema noodle and crackers! I am extremely impressed and moving you to my blogs I read column so I can check in on you again!

    on the budget, just got my Christmas budget done, we have a lot of family. I was kindof overwhelemd but thought I could work out doing it and had the budget for each paycheck... then my hubbie came home with a bonus check so we are covered! God is good!


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