more yard sale

Well yesterday was the first of a two day yard sale. I am sure it will stretch into a three day'er. We sold over $150.00 but you can not tell it at all. Our tables are still full to the brim. Of course almost all the large items are gone. It has been a big help that Nessa has been here to help so much. She combined with us but did not bring 1/4 of what I have out there. So she has helped so much more than she should have. Sadly yesterday her and my mom both started feeling pretty yucky. Bit worried as my mom had a stroke last month and is up for two more surgeries this month. She seems to think it is a tummy thing that I had last week. We were set up before day light yesterday and still had a customer shopping by flashlight last night. So I have to say that it is somewhat successful. My favorite item is the "dang it" doll. It is a rag doll with this poem attached.

When your day is stressful

And you want to scream and shout

Here’s a little Dang It Doll

That you can’t live without

Grasp it firmly by the legs

And find a place to bang it!

As you whack its stuffing out,

Yell, “Dang it, Dang it, Dang it.”

Don't we all need one of these sometimes. Amazing that it has not sold.

What is them most interesting item you have purchased at a yard/garage sale?

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