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I insist that my lovely wife stay in bed and rest her knee.  She is doing much better but will be house/pet sitting again this week.  And I know she pushes it when I am not watching.  So today I am hijacking her blog and doing the post/review for her.  Hope you can bear with me.  By the way....if I like this I may be here more often!

Dear Hubby's review of Probiotics for Dummies by Dr. Shekhar K. Challa, Board Certified Gastroenterologist

This was my first experience with dummies books and was really surprised.  It was in a format that I did not have to read the whole book but it was so interesting I read the whole thing anyway.  Learned quite a bit.  Educational and interesting both at the same time.  Not only did I learn that Probiotics was helpful for my immune system but also for Crazed Mind's R.A.

The goal when I was reading was to learn how Probiotics could help us as we are entering our Golden Years.  Found out as we age we lose bacteria in our digestive system.  Probiotics can help replenish those so that we will not be so apt to have some of the diseases that seniors face.  Our immune system deteriates as we age.  There are supplements that are available over the counter.

By the way, Probiotic is a good bacteria.  It is needed to help maintain good health.  You ladies may want to know that Probiotics also help with yeast infections and UTI's.  Hey, a guy trys to keep his lady healthy.  Cheeses, yogurts, sauerkraut are a few of the foods that can help you gain the Probiotics that you need.  I know that Crazed Mind is pushing a yogurt a day at me now.   It is the fermention that helps create the good bacteria.   I especially like that there were recipes that Crazed Mind could make here at home.

This is the one that I want her to try first.  Well at least to make for me.  It sounds perfect.  The Grilled Gruyere Sandwich with Sauerkraut.  Now that is something I could really sink my teeth into!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sauerkraut on Rye

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sauerkraut on Rye

Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Sauerkraut on Rye Recipe


  • 2 slices dark rye bread
  • Several thin slices of aged, Gruyere Swiss cheese
  • 1/3 cup drained and heated sauerkraut
  • 2 teaspoons of butter


1 Heat a frying pan to medium high heat. For each slice of bread, butter one side and place slice butter side down on the hot pan.
2 Add a layer of cheese to one of the slices. As the bread begins to toast just slightly, and the cheese begins to soften, spread the heated sauerkraut over the slice of bread with cheese. Using a spatula, flip the cheese-less bread slice over on top of the slice with cheese and sauerkraut.
3 After 30 sec or so, check to see if the cheese is just beginning to melt. If it is, flip the whole sandwich over onto the other side. Toast a minute more or less on that side until the cheese has melted, but isn't runny. Remove the sandwich from the pan. Slice in half.
Serves one.

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  1. Well, I think that you did a great job! And I have to admit that the sandwich sounds a bit delicious also!

    You tell that lady of yours to take care of that knee!! Oh, and tell her that I said Hello from OHIO!!


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