Unplugging or Texting

Well I have not been focusing on the work I need to do today.  Why?  Well I have been sucked into RuPaul's Drag-U.  Yeah, totally sucked into the fantasy life of being a runway star.  You know with all the bedazzled rhinestones, mile high hair and make-up from a fantasy life.  Yeah, sure! 

But it happens to all of us.  We get lost in the TV, computer, online, texting....all of the electronics that surround us.  Just sitting here now I have the following all within arms reach.

  • Netbook while online, facebook, twitter, yahoo e-mail, blogger, swagbuck's search engine
  • Cell phone for texting
  • Cordless house line
  • Remotes to the TV, DVD player and DirecTV (Remember I am watching Drag-U)
  • Wii with a dozen games, controllers and balance board
  • Air Hockey table 

Now that is just too much going on for one person.  The electronic age has hit and hit hard.  I can see I really need to find some time to unplug.  Think I can find some time this weekend to do just that and enjoy my family.  Of course I will have to get them unplugged too.  It will help that we are once again house/dog sitting for the next 10 days.  This is where the cell phones do not work.  (Yeah and silly me still has mine charging and sitting beside me.)  So I can get away from some of the texting.  Of course that does not help if I have my messenger boards up that can get to cell phones too.  What a way to cheat. 

College Girl is pretty happy that I have managed to get texting down.  We use this as the number one way to keep in touch when she is out of the area.  It is a way to get a message to her on her time period.  I hope I have not embarrassed her too much with any miss-type.  I have read of some funny things at Crazy Things Parents Text.  So much so that there is even a book of these crazy tales.  Thankfully I have not mixed up texts to my Dear Hubby and those to my College Girl.  You know we all have said (or typed) some risque things to our men.  How horrid if those had been sent to the wrong person.  You know it has happened though.  But I have to say that my favorite is for College Girl and her Friends addictions.


Now as you can see I have been hanging out online a lil too long too.  I really think that we need to do a unplugged weekend.  But not sure we would live through it.  How do you turn it all off?  Could you?  I am not sure we could close up the lap tops, turn off the cell phones, disconnect the DTV and not even Wii, Wii, Wii.  Hamlet's Blackberry: Building a Good Life in the Digital Age brings up that question.  Are we too plugged in?  I mean even as I type my own College Girl is wrapped up in her net book, the TV is running and neither of us are now watching it.  (Yes, Drag-U is over.)  And we have been answering numerous phone calls for the last hour.  I think we are too plugged in.  How much happens in your day to day life that you post on facebook, tweet and blog about?  I love how William Powers finds that through out time forward thinkers have had to find a way to pull back from the busyness of life and look for ways to create a peaceful zone. 

I know the weekend I was in California for a spa vacation I had no desire to go online.  As a matter of fact it seemed like a great imposition on my time.  Becoming unplugged was like being coated in peace and calm.  How nice it would be to recreate that spa weekend feeling.  Maybe that would be something we could do on our 'staycation.  With a hot tub here, beautiful home away from home and all the amenities one could look for.  This may just be the time to unplug. 

I have to thank the authors, publishers and pr firms for working with me.  I love reading all the books sent to me.  What a joy it is to be able to indulge in my all time favorite past time and to share it with you too.  These are unpaid reviews but I am provided with the book first.  So bully for me and hope you enjoy them just as much as I do.  I will say that I do try very hard to find books that are of interest and timely for me to share with you.  Have a great evening and hey, if you don't see me all weekend then you know I successfully unplugged.   


  1. Unplug for awhile! I wish I could unplug for a month. I also wish I had an air hockey game within arm's reach.

  2. There are definitely some times that I would just love to throw out all the computers and cell phones and become unplugged. There is so much more time for relaxing when I am unplugged. I do know that I will not give up my Kindle. lol That is one thing I have to say about camping, when everyone knows we are going camping, the phones are quiet and the computers stay home (normally) and the TV is only for checking the weather. And BTW, Crazy Things Parents Text sounds like it could be an interesting book.


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