Lifting the Veil

Today I need to talk to fellow Texan and author Cory Putman Oakes.  And find out how she is managing to control what is happening around me.  I understand that reading a good story can come to life in your mind.  But for the story to actually start effecting the environment around me is too weird. 

Okay I will explain.  I finished reading the uncorrected proof of 'The Veil' last night.  It will be released November 1st of this year.  I so fell into the story right at the start.  Now I have read other books where our world and another world seem to overlap.  It is not something that I find very believable.  But I did love that this story focused heavy on the 'earth' side of what was going on.  I loved learning some of the special characteristics of the Annorasi race.  But I never really did understand why they had to stay so secret.  Maybe I will get more of that in the next book.  This will be a great young adult read.  I can see where they will accept this new world very quickly.

What really wowed me out was that the Annorasi coexisted with the human world with lil upset.  There are a few ways to know if an Annorasi is around you.  It seems they interact with electricity.  Lights flicker, go out even, TV reception messes up and the such.  Now here is the part where Cory and I have to have a talk.  First off let me say that what I am fixing to say DID happen and no I was not drinking.  Last night I was finishing reading 'The Veil' while soaking in the spa tub where I am staying.  There are 3 lights in the ceiling there.  Well one went out.  Odd but I thought that it must need to be changed.  Just my luck with with over 12 foot ceiling.  But you know, lights go out.  THEN it came back ON!  Weird!  Now I was all alone on the far end of the house.  I was a bit shaken up but kept reading and relaxing.  Then another light went out.....then a second.....and finally the third went out.   I screamed then....really loud.  Dear Hubby came a running of course.  I explained all that had happened.  He turned the switch off and on but nothing happened.  Well I started to dry off and get dressed with him with me.  You now light came back on.  Yes, just one of them.  They are all on the same switch. 

Cory would you be kind enough not to send an Annorasi with the books to the reviewers.  Or at least make the visible.  As it has really freaked me out.  HA HA  Thanks for letting me review your book.  Let me know when the next book comes out.  I want to learn more.  As all know, these are unpaid.  I have the books and that is all I receive.  Oh and folks, pop over and check out Cory's Writers Block Brownie recipe,


  1. I want to read that book now!!

  2. Lenore! Well, I guess all writers want their words to "come to life," but I've never thought it would come true quite so literally! I'm sorry that some Annorasi tagged along with the review copy! Don't worry though, I'm sure that by now they are on their way to the next reviewer's house! Ha ha! Seriously though, thank you for taking the time to read The Veil and for the wonderful review. I truly appreciate it!


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