Daddy Day Care

As your well aware I am playing hooky from home.  Getting to hang out with my girlfriend and College Girl before I do my own my own trip to California.    I am so excited about that!  But I have left the house in control by Dear Hubby.  And of course as any well knowing wife would tell you, that is SCARY!  Well, not scary scary but on no what will happen scary.  Of course he is being monitored by his youngest daughter, the Wee One.  Had to leave a lady in control of him.  Granny M is doing much of the cooking and overseeing too. 

Now this all leaves me to think of what does Dear Hubby know about his home.  And the more I think of it the more I realize it is not the home he knows about.  It is his daughters.  He is a lucky man to have 3 beautiful girls.  And they each have set his heart on fire to look out for them the best he can.  More so, I am thrilled that he also has the great ability to listen to each one.   He has complied much knowledge this way.  Learning from the logical College Girl, to the happy go lucky Wee One and on to the mature out look of his beautiful Grandbabe's Momma.  I do not think he needs to be told what his girls think as much as be reminded of the wisdom he has gained from them.  So for Father's day this year he is going to get just such a book.

"In Search of Fatherhood: A Mother Lode of Wisdom from the World of Daughterhood" is a book that is just like this.  Author Kevin Renner woke up one day with one glaring realization: he didn¹t know his daughters very well.  When he asked himself 'What does a good father look like?' and no answer came to mind, he decided to find out. He interviewed 50 women from around the world for In Search of Fatherhood. The book is the first step toward his goal of having a lasting influence around the world on fathers, daughters, and their relationships. The process taught him the importance of tough love, and how everything that he does as a father, and that every father does, communicates in subtle yet lasting ways. He learned the many ways in which their fathers—good, bad, and in-between—had affected their lives. Young and old, rich and poor, well known and anonymous, these women became guides on the author’s journey into fatherhood.

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  1. i was lucky. My mom wouldn't let me leave home until I knew how to take care of myself and a home.


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