The Practice Room-Review

I love to read. It is my favorite passion. Like hiding in bed, covers to my chin, chocolate on the bedside table and a book in my hands....heaven on earth to me.
Well I just finished reading The Practice Room by Susan Zeidler. I have to thank Elaine for sending me this was a good one.
I love how listening to music transforms a place or time. And have you seen how someone playing the piano seems to just drift with the music. Like they are taking a journey with the music. Well that is how this book takes you. A tale of a supernatural experience for Zoey, traveling between different times and events. I learned more about Harlem in the 30's, the Woodstock concert of 1969 and the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. (Side note, I have a piece of that wall right here in my home.) Now you know I will not tell you the story, but I will say you will drift with the music in it.
This is a good coming of age story. Not only does Zoey travel through time but she grows in it too. She discovers her strength in music and her inner strength too.

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