A Week 'n 1/2 til CG Leaves

We are almost CampusReady. Yesterday College Girl and I went over all the things we had brought home from last semester. It was time to weed out what she had not used at all and add in what is needed. Now I am glad that we are so close to her that visits are frequent. But what do you do when your College Bound is far away?

Well there is the the convenient “buy online, pick up in store” capabilities Sears has with CampusReady. You just pick out the dorm room must-haves online now and pick them up at the store nearest your College Bound's school later – no need to ship to the dorm or pack up the car. Just choose “Web2Store” at checkout and choose the store nearest the campus.

The transition for College Girl is always an overwhelming one for me. This year it falls on my birthday too! I am always worried I'll forget something and make massive list. But sure enough when I drop her off for her first night she is more than ready! The next day or two the calls or emails start with "Mom we forgot . . ."

This year we have added a few things to our must have list. They are:

Twin XL sheets and mattress pads
Pop up hamper

Broom and dust pan

Hammer for re-positioning the bed

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