Quick Cool Answer to Dinner

I am so tired of all of the unhealthy meals I have put on the table. Especially this summer when we're all hot and tired. You know how it is. Your strapped for time and you want to just throw dinner together. It normally ends in disaster for me.

Caesar Grilled Chicken SaladImage by Morton Fox via Flickr

Well I can now get over this hurdle! Certainly when I a making salads! I now have been adding Budding Fix Quix™ which is refrigerated cubed meat. Especially the Grilled Chicken but there is also Oven-Roasted Turkey and Smoked Ham. I can get the variety pack. This helps add protein to my salads. And I am able to keep my calorie count down too.

And now I can use the $1.00 online coupon that I downloaded. This coupon is only good in Texas, Arizona and St. Louis. Look for stores here.

Here are some more benefits of Budding Fix Quix™

• Great snack for kids!
• Certified by the American Heart Association
• Low in Calories – Grilled Chicken has 60 Calories per Serving, Ham and Turkey have 70 Calories per Serving
• Low in Fat – with Zero Trans Fat
• An Excellent Source of Protein
• Gluten Free and have No MSG
• Available in the Refrigerated Meat Section
Download coupon here.

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