Grand Babes back Home

Well my grand babes made it home after all their summer travels. And not with much time to get in the back to school mode. I am so glad that they had such a full summer. I think that Sea World and the zoo in San Antonio was fun with us. But does not hold a candle to the fantastic time they had at the Myrtle Beach Resort.
I know that I would adore time away from it all to go to a Resort in Myrtle Beach.
Wouldn't you? I am not sure what I would want to do the most. Laze on the beach, see the interesting shows all around or really enjoying the benefits of the resort itself. Of course I would have to be in the water since there is 3 pools, 2 lazy rivers, and 5 hot tubs. I love the water.
Now I have found out that if you stay at Oceanfront Hotel Myrtle Beach you can enjoy these ten things at Myrtle Beach.

  • South Carolina beach
  • The pools
  • First class shopping, dining, and entertainment
  • 100 outstanding golf courses
  • Medieval Times Dinner Show
  • Alabama Theatre
  • Ripley's Aquarium
  • Grand Prix Family Thrill Park
  • La Belle Amie Vineyard
  • Myrtle Beach State Park

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