Time on my Hands

Well the sun is shining, the dogs are snoozing and the day is open for all kinds of possibilities.  What to do to fill it?

I sometimes wonder where are the other stay at home empty nest moms out there.  Am I the only one looking to fill my time?  It only takes just so little time to clean up when your the type of person who picks up as you go.  Thus daily chores as sweeping, mopping and wipe down only takes about 30 minutes.  I can add in extra cleaning on areas too but still only so much to do in a day.  I try to vary up things so that it is not one day of cleaning and then days of nothing too.  Also like to take time to exercise at the gym and walk.  But what do you do with the other 6 hours of the day.

Yes, I have now added in my daily studies for church, primary and lessons.  Now down to 5 hours to fill.  Granted I can waste tons of time on facebook, pinterest and the such too.  But that is wasted time.  So a great 3 hours of time still to fill.  Now what?  Hummmm......

I guess I need to find more to volunteer with.  There are day specific volunteer programs for me.  But other days are still pretty quiet.  It is wonderful to have a bright shining day as that makes outdoor time even better.  Hummmm.......

Guess I will quit wasting my time here and get out there.  Seems like a good day for an 8 mile walk.  That will at least take up 2 hours.

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  1. I'm a stay-at-home-Liz (kidfree) so I understand your day dilemma. Some days, I'm super productive - shopping, cleaning the whole place, loads of laundry, meal prep, etc. And other days, I'm a giant blob. I won't lie. I veg out in front of Netflix and chill. OK, so I do feel guilty when I do that, but some days I have a headache or feel "out of it" and know that I'm useless then anyway (and my hubby understands and I know he would tell me to take it easy).

    The computer can be a giant time-suck in my world too - I try to mix it up and not just waste hours upon hours on it.

    If I'm fortunate, I can mix in a lunch visit with a friend, but that is tricky because most of them are almost 45 minutes away from me. I do call grandparents or in-laws (retired people) to catch up during the day while hubby is at work.

    I go in spurts with reading too - but when I get a book, I usually devour it in a day or two. It seems more legit to be reading a book than wasting time online for some reason! ;)

    I've learned to enjoy my slower pace. I know I'll get things done some days and other days will be about me chilling with my dog and just treasuring the freedom I have to do or NOT do whatever I want. I know this won't last forever... so I want to make sure I'm enjoying it while I can!


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