Just A Howdy!

Hey folks, how are y'all doing today?

Myself?  A lil ewwww!  You know what I mean.  It has been drizzling around here and that is so much needed.  Yippee for that.  And the softened ground has also helped where I was able to pull some weeds.  Tons needed to be pulled and I was able to put a tiny dent into them.  So much to do but hey, we all are working in our own lives to do the best we can do.

Today we also had a new member of the family show up.  Bella is our newest fur baby.  She was my cousins baby, but with my cousin is having to move into a smaller place.  And larger dogs are not allowed.  It was so hard for her to know what to do yet there is comfort in knowing her baby is going to stay part of the family.  Bella is young but oh so beautiful.  I feel so blessed to have her join us.  And our Sweet Liberty was ever so gentle in getting to know her.  Yipppeeeee, a new family member!

What else?  Oh I have mopped the floor a thousand times today.  So muddy with dogs coming in and out all day long.  It is not doing to well but I am doing my best in keeping the mud down.  Have an amazing day and keep smiling.

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