From Top to Bottom

Pre-Clean 1
oPick up clutter throughout the house; place items in individual boxes or baskets so each family member can put their own things away.
oWash & put away any dirty dishes
oClear & wipe down kitchen counters
o Don’t worry about deep cleaning kitchen just yet--the kitchen will get its own separate list!
{Above Your Head}
o Dust or vacuum upper ledges & above cabinets o Clean ceiling air vents
o Dust or wash ceiling fans
o Dust or wash light fixtures
o Change light bulbs
o Wash high windows 3
Mid-to-Top {Eye Level}
oWash curtains
oDust bookcases
oDust pictures, wall clocks, &
other wall hangings oWash windows
Mid-to-Bottom4 {Waist Level}
o Dust all remaining flat surfaces
o Clean & polish wood furniture
o Clean & polish leather furniture
o Vacuum & spot clean upholstered furniture o Change linens & make beds
o Clean & wipe down bathroom sinks & counters o Scrub showers & bathtubs
o Clean toilets
Bottom {Floor Level}5
o Wash small area rugs
o Vacuum large rugs & carpets
o Sweep floors
o Mop floors
o Dust baseboards
o Sweep front & back porches/steps 

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