Spiffy Spring

Well, I have been enjoying the warm weather we have been having here in Texas.  Not only have I been able to put my shorts and t-shirt back on, I also have been out on my bike again.  Better still is the fact that I have started on repainting the front room floor.  I plan on working my way through the house this spring making the place look spiffy.  But for the beginning we have a nice light green floor going on in the first room of the house.

I have the first two coats of paint down and one coat of polyurethane down so far.  I have to do two more coats of the polyurethane and let it all dry well before moving the furniture back in.  I hope to have this done before the weekend!  Fingers crossed.  Then if the weather holds out I will start on the current dining room (my future kitchen) with the same color. 

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