I received the loveliest Random Acts of Kindness gift today from The Other Mother.  She took the time to make me the amazing quilled paper cross for me to grace my home with.  

I love this!  The colors are beautiful.  The talent she has amazes me.  Oh and she made this today (in one day) while she was sick.  What a gift from a loving friend.

Now if this was not enough in itself, she told me the sweetest words.  I know I will not get them right but I can get the essence of them.  She said she wanted to make me a gift that showed the colors as I adore vivid colors.  But that she wanted it to show the changes that she and others are seeing in my life now too.  

Honestly does this not look like joy and love mixed in colors and all dancing?  Well it does to me.  All while showing and sharing my rededication to our Lord, the Heavenly Father.

Jennifer, Thank You ever so much for your constant love and support to me.  


  1. You are so welcome! I am very proud of you and love you more than you know. How wonderful it is to have family, love and the Lord in your heart everyday!


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