Oh Spring Please Come Home

Yes, we are all eagerly awaiting Spring.  In doing so, I am already planning out my flower beds.  And since it is too cold to put the seeds in the ground, it seems I am in need of a little inspiration.  Thus, Virginia Brimhall Snow has come to the rescue with her release of Spring Walk.  I love the bright flowers that make such a wonderful contrast to the ink drawings behind them.  

Here I am able to share with "Grammy" and her grandbabes as they learn about 24 flowers.  Also how to plant them in an egg carton starter as well as putting together a flower bouquet.  Virginia Brimhall Snow lives in a wooded area bordering a national forest in northern Utah. I am curious if she is a fellow LDS member like myself? For more than twenty years, she has expressed herself using paints, pencils, and pixels. She enjoys time with her grandchildren and creating award-winning art. She and her husband have raised seven children. If she’s not working in her garden, you can find her at virginiabrimhallsnow.com.  She has previously written and published Fall Walk and Winter Walk.

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