Make Your Own Sunshine

I have been quiet on here for the last few days.  Cold weather does that too me.  Makes me hole up and hide from the world.  Tend to find some series on Netflix and watch show after show after show.  Curled up under the covers on my bed.  Of course the dogs and cats are all curled up next to me.

But finally the sun has popped out today.  So I was able to get out and move.  Walked across town to Dairy Queen and met up with my lovely daughter and the LDS missionaries for lunch.  Then a trip over to the grocery store with the walk back home.  It was great to have the time outside again.  Having the sun on my face but still had to wear a jacket to keep warm from the breeze.

Afterwards was the best part.  A lovely hot soak in the tub.  That is always the best thing to get to do for an afternoon break.  No one home an peace and quiet.  My own little spa time at home.  Who can beat that?  Dressed afterwards in some bright clothes to lift my spirits and nail polish to match.  You know sometimes you have to create some of your own personal sunshine too.  

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  1. For sure! Love you friend.



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