Life's Little Lessons

Last night in the middle of the night (or actually in the wee hours of this morning), I had ventured out of my warm bed to do the ritual of the potty dance.  Upon returning to climb back in bed, half in and half out of it, my knee popped out of place.  Oh my goodness it was instant pain as well as immobilizing me. I could not crawl into bed nor could I stay in the position I was in.  My body was frozen while I was slowly losing any hope of staying upright.  But at the same time I could not move my leg at all due to my knee being out of place.

It was in that instant that clarity (or was it just the sharpness of pain working) that I realized how often we try to stay in just this very spot in life.  Where we are "out of place" yet doing all we can to stay in just one spot.  A spot filled with pain.  All the while terrified that we are fixing to fall down at any moment.

Now with my knee I had to brave out the pain long enough to physically move my leg with my hands until my knee popped back into place.  Once I did that the pain was relieved.  Yes there was the memory of it as well as a little lingering discomfort.  But I had moved forward.

Just like in life how we must sometimes make ourselves endure great pain for a time being while we move forward to recovery.  Does it hurt?  Yes!  Is it worthwhile?  Even more so.  And once we accomplish that we have the memory and maybe some discomfort but oh how we have grown in the same moment.

Okay, enough of me.  And hopefully I will not have to have a repeat of this lesson anytime soon.


  1. I can totally relate to this. You have such a thoughtful way of putting things.

    1. Thank you Lauren! I am trying harder to focus on the quality of my life. Maybe my lil brain can figure out ways to make the lessons I need to learn a lil easier to handle.

  2. Have been there. Sometimes the soul pain feels so impossible to move beyond...but the gain from moving on is beyond joy


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