DIY Power Station

Well here I am again, trying to see what I can do to help make my home more efficient.  With plenty of time on my hands it seems that I am in the  mood to organize and create a more streamline house.  But being that we are limited on funds, I am looking at the DIY projects that can be created here.  So to begin with I am creating a charging station for our cell phones and such.

We have two different bread boxes and need only one.  So I decided to change the metal one into our charging station.  It was really easy since there was a grate in the back to let air through.  With a few lil snips I made that into an opening so I could put a power cord through there.  Simple enough.  Now just open it up and plug in the proper charger.  This works but there are tons of wires inside and I am not liking that at all.  Thus I took each one and wrapped it into a coil and then used a bread tie to make it one lil loop with the ends sticking out to plug into the device and outlet.  That helps and then I can stick them all inside to be ready to use.  

Next I added in my Velvetwire Powerslayer to be charged.  This is my newest go to device.  This is a great way to stop the power vampire that we all end up using.  The microprocessor control protects against overcharging and eliminates wasted power by turning off automatically when charging is complete. Thus I can stay plugged in all day and not be using energy that is unneeded. There is a built-in surge protection keeps your device safe along with continuous temperature monitoring prevents overheating. The Powerslayer rapidly charges any USB device, big or small. The LED indicator glows orange when your device is charging and green when it’s done.  I also have a great lil travel kit for when I am house/pet sitting for others too.  


  1. You could be a professional organizer in a place with a big enough population.

    1. I would love to do just that! It is what makes me feel best, putting things in order!


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