Doing Great!

Just a quick post to tell y'all I am doing great. 

Today was my gastric sleeve operation.  I came through fine and am at the hospital.  Up and running, well walking the halls that is.  Not too much ever gets me down.  

So two thumbs up and I should be back home tomorrow night. 


  1. so happy for you. Can't wait to hear the "details" of your successes.

  2. And now my friend is where all your life beings a new chapter. The Table of Contents you have passed and you are halfway through Chapter One. I am so excited to follow you through your journey right from the start. Sending you many good vibes across the country and prayers to keep you lifted and keep your spirits up when things get tough.

  3. Your photo looks wonderful!! I was expecting a sick looking person (because that is how I would look), but you just look beautiful. Come home Lenore!

    Love, Bunny

  4. oh sista glad your doing fine!


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