What Would You Do?

Well there are some things that work and some things that don't.  And when they don't it is disappointing.  I have had two things cross my desk that sadly I wish had not.  This is never the fun part of doing a review.  So let me see what your opinion is.

I will start with a company called Organic Skin Care Pads.  I was very excited to try out this product because it is suppose to help with rosacea.  This is a problem I have with my nose especially.  It makes me feel like W C Fields.  Here is what the web site tells me about their product.  Organic Skin Care Pads was first created to resolve a severe case of rosacea with pustules. The treatment provided by the dermatologist was expensive antibiotics. The over the counter products were very limited and offered chemical solutions with sulfur. Research into the causes of rosacea pointed to immune system deficiencies. Probiotics were discovered to be an effective treatment for rosacea.  
Sadly I was unable to try out the product so I can not tell you if it does or does not work.  Why?  Well they sent me the review samples in an envelope that had a zip lock bag enclosed.  The bag had the pads in it.  My issue?  Nothing else was there.  Nothing telling me the ingredients of the product.  No original packaging.  Would you use a product on your face that you do not know for sure what it is?  Well, I won't.  

Now apparently this is not uncommon.  Because it has happened from another company too.  BomaSense also was in contact me with their beauty care products.  They wanted to make products for people who suffer from chronic diseases.  Keeping chemicals and harsh products away from them.  I was interested because The Other Mother suffers from Lyme's Disease.  
Well this is what their product arrived like.  Bottles with tags tied to the top.  Once again no ingredient list.  Not in the original packaging as they show online.  My girlfriend needed some lotion so she was willing to try the hand lotion out.  Oh that was a mistake.  These are all listed as mango scented.  Nope Nope Nope.  The lotion on her hands smelled like old spoiled oil.  Yes, rancid.  She had to go and wash her hands to get it off.  Of course I am not going to try the rest of these products.  I did smell them all.  The lotion and body/face wash both smelt bad.  The shampoo and conditioner did not but I am unsure when I do not have any idea what is in these bottles.  

So you tell me.  Am I being picky?  Would you try these products out?  This is not the norm for the way review items arrive.  I am sure that both of these companies are trying to send samples instead of full product for samples.  That does make sense.  But I do feel the samples should still be up to par as a full item would be.  

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  1. Oh, I already told you what I would do. I would pitch that stuff in the trash and forget that ever happened. Grrr! Companies are just ridiculous. They want us to jump through hoops for them in return for what? I think they are forgetting that writing a post is not a five minute thing. Crap like this just burns me up!!


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