I wish to say a big thank you to my favorite Chip folks, Beanfields.  They were ever so kind as to send me a case of chips after a long trip (over 300 miles round trip) to return without many of their delicious chips.  While at Sprouts in the DFW area, I was prepared to buy several cases of chips.  Only to find out that they did not have any variety...just one flavor.  Weep!  I did purchase many then but not of the amount I had prepared.  When Beanfields found out that I was home without my 'haul' they supplemented me with a variety case.  THANKS!  I have to say these are the best chips for me and my family.  I will pick them over any other chip any day.  The flavor is full and the chips fill you up.  Made of beans and rice that make you feel so satisfied.  Check out their page and on facebook to win your own case!

Now I am really looking for healthy snacks to go along with my diet.  I want to have something that is both tasty and also fulling.  Empty calories is not there for me either.  Thankfully I have tired out Santa Barbara Bars.  They are a combination of granola, fruit and nuts.  I have tried all three but I think my favorite is Coconut Almond with Chia seeds and Pumpkin seeds.  There is also Cranberry White Chocolate and Peanut Chocolate Cherry.  If you have nut allergies than these are not for you but otherwise it is a low fat (for me) choice of a in between meal snack.  A much better selection than a candy bar any day.

I want to thank both of these companies for supporting me with these goodies.  The Santa Barbara Bars was for a review.  The Beanfields is because they ROCK!  Either way this was a win win for Crazed Mind.

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  1. Finally a company with great customer service! That is so awesome! And here we can't even get sweet tea from McDonalds! I wish they had them around us. We would have a couple hour drive to get them also. :(


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