The Name Game

Here is my very public apology for really messing up.  
Scott please forgive me!  
Pretty please with sugar on top?

You see I did that horrid wrong name thing.
You know what I mean, you have done it sometime or other.

"Come here Jimmy, I mean Johnny, oh dang it Jill!"

Gosh I have called my Dear Hubby by my ex's name.  
But this is one of the first times I messed up and called someone else by the name of their ladies ex.
But by now Scott must know that I am not good at making names right.
Before his darling adorable loving lil Brian was born (the weekend before) I was typing Brain.
Yeah, duh like I have one huh?

Brian not Brain being held by Dear Hubby aka John not David.

So again, my bad.  
Sure you can laugh at me or if not then laugh for Dear Hubby.
Because before the week is out I will mess up again.

Oh by the way just this morning I was calling him "D***d" again when talking to The Other Mother.
See I told you I am really good at this name game.


  1. You're forgiven...

    -Your Loving Nephew-in-law

    1. Whew thank you and I owe you a really good meal!

  2. You know, the older we get the more often we screw up I have been called Mom, Mrs. _____(teacher's names), Grandma by the daycare kiddos and I have called each and every kiddo by the wrong name and I have found myself standing there looking at them trying to remember their names and they just laugh and say their name. I tell them I do that so I don't call them by the wrong name. Unlike someone else.........haha


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