Fixing the Tip Top

I am so happy to be able to visit our grand nephew.  He is such a lil doll.  We were able to visit with him just a few days after he made it home.  Look at those cheeks.

We have several gifts that was sent to him from his baby shower.   But I am loving the new Dots on Tots cap that arrived for him.  He is a fall baby and I know cooler air is on it's way.  We will need to protect his lil ears and soft head.  All made from 100% organic cotton.  I also love that it is made in the USA.

Sadly while dog sitting my lil cap was in a dog chewing accident.  This upset me so much for the lil man.  But looking at it I noticed that maybe we could repair the damage.  I am going to have The Other Mother look at it.  She has the new book Sweet Booties that has the best lil patterns to make all kinds of baby items.  It is a good back to the basic sewing book with patterns and a CD for templates.  I was thinking she could look at it and maybe make an embellishment to help correct the dogs alterations to our baby cap.  Fingers crossed there.

Both of these items arrived for review.  I was not paid for either of course and am so thankful that they are able to help me make a nice gift for my grand nephew.

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