This is JD, my lovely 26 year old daughter.  She wears a size 6 jean and a small in t-shirts.

This is me, good ol Crazed Mind.  I wear a plus size of 22 in shorts/jeans and t-shirts.  Also know as a size 2X.  Granny M wears the same size clothes as I.

I have this beautiful coat from Light In the Box.  They offered me the coat in exchange for a review.  This was going to be Granny M's Christmas gift this year.

 I ordered it in a size 2X so it would fit her.  This is perfect for her to wear to church on Sundays.

This is the size 2X coat on JD.  Remember she wears a size 6/small.

This is the same coat on me.  Yes I wear size 22/2X.  No I can not give this coat to Granny M for Christmas.  JD just received a new coat.  Yes, it was free in exchange for the review.  But remember it is a size 2X.

Yes this is the tag in the coat.  I am not thrilled.  If this had been purchased instead of gifted to me, I would have had to return it and be left empty handed. 

Not thrilled to say the least.   Yes, I do expect sizes to reflect true to size.  A lil small I could even understand.  But a plus size coat should not be worn by a size small.

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