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Oh my it has been a round and round and round summer.  I loved the time I had with the Grandbabes and the week afterwards with Romy.  In the ups and downs and around the bends of it all, books have been read, shared and followed many of them home.  So here is my Summer Roundup of Kiddo Reading.

We are going to start off with Back to School

Bimbambu by Ileana Katzenelson

Bimbambu is a bird that gives freely and lovingly. He gives because it is his nature to give in this way. He never thinks of the rewards he will reap, and in a surprising turn of events, he gets paid back in a grand way.  First I wish to know how she made the art pieces that represented each animal.  Beautiful work that I fell in love with.  Second her father Roman was wonderful in inspiring this story that teaches to give with an open heart.  For if you give you will receive.  A promise made to us from God and seen manifested over and over again in my own life.  This is a great book to read aloud with and later to have read to you as a bed time story as your lil one grows.  And remember to keep your heart open to love for it is all around us.

Bully Bean by Thomas and Peter Weck

I n the 10-book series entitled The Lima Bear Stories, as the basic characters appear and reappear, each has a distinct personality that shines through in every story.  With school just around the corner here and may have already started there this is a must.  Bullies are always something kids come across and do not know how to deal with.  Or worst is it your child who is the bully?  Yeah it happens.  These children are strong minded but often scared of not being recognized thus they strike out instead.  I love that in this story the Golden Rule is taught.  That no matter what always reach out to help others.  It is the saving grace here.


Oh how I know the agony of trying and trying to do something only to fail.  But to keep trying is the key.  I helped raise three boys who never wanted to read.  I could not understand why.  I knew that whole worlds opened up inside the covers of a book.  In Bluefish this is shown with clarity.  A highly acclaimed ALA award-winning novel, Bluefish tells the story of a thirteen-year-old boy learning to read. With the perfect blend of humor, gravity, and hope, Schmatz meditates on the role of teachers, books, and learning in everyday life.


Peppa Pig is back! What more can one say....we all love Peppa.  And what a great way to get your lil one ready for class than to have Peppa join in.  Bright colors and fast pace days, just like they are going to see sooon.  Get ready to join her on a new adventure starring the beloved, award-winning U.K. sensation. Peppa is having a busy day at school—learning numbers and letters, painting, making music, and playing outside. Peppa can’t wait for Special Talent time, but her excitement turns to worry when all three of her special talents are chosen by others!

What is your lil one's security blanket.  A favorite toy, sucking their thumb or the actual blanket?  It is hard to let go of that we know so well for that which is new.  And sometimes it really helps having a friend to be by your side as you go that next step in life.  In the newest book by two-time Greenaway Medalist Shirley Hughes, Lily’s stuffed dog, Bobbo, accidentally gets trapped on a bus headed for school! Lily’s not old enough for school yet, but will she rescue Bobbo and discover that school is actually much more exciting than she thought?
Yes we are on a theme here.  And what better way than taking a day off from the job (zoos can be so demanding) to go to school.  Joe and Sparky hitch a ride to find out just what goes on at school.  The kiddos will love sharing their classroom and reading time with them.  Jamie Michalak’s third book about Joe the Giraffe and Sparky the Turtle, an unlikely pair of best friends. Readers will roll over laughing—and find lots to relate to—in this hilarious new adventure.

I wish to thank Soul Prints Press, Lima Bear Press and Candlewick Press for sharing so many wonderful books with us.   This was a great way to entertain the Grandbabes while they where hanging out with me for a week.  They always know that Nonnie has a stack of books to read on each visit.  I could not do it without y'all. 

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  1. I wanted to share this email I have from Ileana the author of Bimbambu, the first book on this review post. (BTW I did correct her father's name. I feel awful for not having it right the first time.)

    Dear Lynette:
    First of all, Thank you for your sweet review. I wanted to mention a couple of things to you. My father's name was Roman, not Robert, as you wrote on your blog, but his nickname was Romy. I found it interesting that you mentioned in your blog that you had spent time with Romy over the summer. That is so fascinating. In my family we have three Romy's, all namesakes of my dad. You can read a bit about it in my blog, but my dad was the love of our lives. All of his four kids just adored him and still do. He was an extraordinary human being. He was a Holocaust survivor. Anyway, I am writing you all this because you have a Romy of your own. I just think that it is interesting how serendipity calls or what we call coincidence. I believe it is little telegrams from God to show He is in all things.
    Best to you,


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