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Having the Grandbabes all this last week has brought home the differences in boys and girls.  Yeah, yeah, we know the basics.  But it reminded me how each sex focuses.  Also on how each child interacts with others.  In all of this I have found two things that really excited me too.

Let's start off with the boys.  My lil grandson is all go go go.  He is on and off in seconds.  From running around being a super hero to begging to play the Wii and then hurt feelings for not being chosen first.  We know that boys are all tough but they are also sensitive creatures.  So of course when he is laughing I am at my happiest.  So what helps the lil man laugh?  How about learning?  Yeah, learning!  Well that is if you have the chance to gear learning to the way boys thing.  

Gross, icky, silly and totally inappropriate.  Yes, that is what catches their attention.  Say" manners boys" in a crowd of boys and you may get an eye roll or two.  Say" Bobby's boogers stick to his fingers when he flicks them" and there will be a riot of laughter.  Also each will be saying the phrase in an instant.  So let's take this same idea for learning.  He's All Boy has done just that with their Alpha Cards: The Matching Game.  And I promise you it is worth the giggles that come.  Memory is a skill we use everyday!  Have fun with your child while building their power of memory with Alpha Cards: The Matching Game. This is not your ordinary memory matching game. These cards make searching for matching letters a delightful adventure full of laughter. It is more exciting to learn your ABC’s when you are searching for a bear with a big green booger on it instead of a boring ball.  The game cards are 2.5″ x 2.5″ and come in a metal tin case with a window on top which makes it convenient not only for storage but also for taking along when traveling.

Now with the girls it was a giggle here and there with the crude fun words.  But to get the fired up all I had to do was mention school and clothes in the same sentence.  They are already lil fashionistas.  Knowing this I felt that we wanted clothes that they loved while having a positive energy to them.  Princess Emma agreeed without even knowing that was what she was doing.  Just look at the Ruum t-shirt that she is proudly sporting as part of her back to school wardrobe.  Ruum (pronounced "Room") is the new destination for kids clothing, footwear and accessories.  Offering head to toe outfitting, exceptional quality, and great value at  22 newly-opened stores and online @ .  Moms looking for great kids style and quality will love Ruum because the collections are designed to coordinate easily and to cover all of a child's lifestyle needs.

Also you can stock up on their sales.  All summer sales are 50% off.  Anything over $50 order also ships free!  And there is 25% off their fall collection too!  Customers can currently enjoy $15 off all orders over $50 online and in stores. To stay in the loop on sales and promotions like this one—or just to catch the joke of the day and other family fun tips—please like and follow RUUM on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest!

What do you think of the 5 graphic t's above.  Princess Emma loves her sunshine t that says "Let Your Smile Change the World!"  I adore the bright colors and strong graphic designs.  Well pick out your favorite design of these 5 because Ruum is hosting a giveaway.   They are available in small, medium, large and x-large.

The designs can each be seen at the following links.  
Girls’ Love Tee in Dark Blue
Girls’ Sunshine Tee in Dark Blue
Boys’ Sunset Tee in Light Green

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  1. I would want the girls be awesome tee in a size 12 or 14

  2. Definitely the girls Be Awesome tee in size medium.

  3. I love the Shine T-Shirt in size Large. Thank you so much for the wonderful giveaway!


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