Family Is What You Make It

I love my family.  All of them.  You know, like The Other Mother who is JD's step mom.  And Princess Emma who is JD's half sister.  There is also Mr. C (I miss him) whom we adopted off the streets (literally).  I have my kiddos up in the metroplex that are no blood or marriage relation but helped raise them during their childhood thus I consider them mine too.  (They call me mom too!)  We also have friends that are closer to us than cousins.  I know that when I have a family reunion at my home it is a mix of blood, friends, in-laws (and some out-laws), by marriage and kept through divorces even.  Our family is just that, a big mix of those we love deep in our heart and have kept close contact with.  

I go into all of this because many people have asked me who is who and who do they belong too.  It gets to be so much to explain.  Just that family is who you make it to be.  This is sorta the way it goes in Vince Vaughn's new movie Delivery Man.  He is an every day guy who finds out that just so happens has 533 children.  Yeah, you thought you had it rough.  This comes about from a donation to a sperm bank he made years and years ago.  As things go his donation brought about an astronomical amount of children.  And it seems that over 100 of them are fighting for the right to know who their donor was.  This goes on even better.  But let me have you see it instead of me trying to tell you.  Just look at this exclusive trailer.  (I do mean exclusive!)

I am excited to share this trailer with you.  I am one of the 533 bloggers that is opening Delivery Man to you.  Thanks so to everyone at  Walt Disney Studios and Dream Works for letting me be part of their campaign.  There was not any payment or compensation for being part of this kick off campaign for #DeliveryMan. You can continue to learn more and follow at the following social links.  

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DELIVERY MAN releases in theaters on November 22nd!

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