Not Seeking Perfection

I have been loving the staycation that comes with house/pet sitting.  It is peace and quiet for the most part.  I tend to leave off any television or radio.  The most noise that comes through is the dogs light snoring as they nap at my feet.  But the best part is getting into the big ol bubble bath with a book and a drink.  Heaven!

Does that not just scream luxury?  Thanks Jan for allowing me to indulge so.  Well my latest indulgence has been a drink of orange juice, pina colada mix and banana schnapps while reading Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh.  Kate is all of us.  That part inside that wonders do we measure up.  Should we fix our hair different, have our teeth whitened or even more so get the whole body redone?  I know that sliding into home plate of 50 years old, I am second guessing everything about me.  Did I do what I want to...can I still do more?  

Kate has been looking for that just right guy.  The one who loves her for her but is coming up short.  She has a fellow who flirts with her but at the same time he keeps hinting that maybe she needs a lil tune up.  Then there is the Doctor who loves her artistic ability but does not seem to notice her beside it.  Sure there are times that Kate lets go and is just herself.  Not caring who does what as long as her art is dancing across the walls.  But can she be that carefree when she is trying to be noticed too?

 See more about Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh here.

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