It Is the Secrets You Keep

Do you know your family secrets?  Hummm, something to think about.  If they are secret then how would you know. Or are you the one keeping them?  I often wonder why we think everyone has a rosey life.  Honestly I don't know anyone who does.  But we keep trying to make it look that way.

Years ago it was horrific to let someone know your cousin was gay or you niece was an unwed mother.  We did not want to mention the marriage between races or that divorce even happened.  Thank goodness we have grown and know these are not terrible.  They are parts of life.  And most often they are the parts that we love the most.  Your cousin is the best at hosting family gatherings.  You can't wait to hold your nieces new baby.  And gosh isn't it wonderful that two people found each other no matter of their race, religion or if they paint their toe nails black.  Personally it was my divorce that allowed me to be with the perfect man for me while having the extended family from my ex.  Secrets are not to be kept but let go, fly, be free and not weigh us down.

Holly Robinson wrote The Wishing Hill, just such a story about family secrets.  How they hurt, harm and do major damage.  But at the same time when you speak them out loud they hold no power anymore.  Life if rough.  We have the hard patches.  For Juliet it is a divorce and a hidden pregnancy that have her fearful.  But not as fearful as returning to her mother who is ill but still has the airs of the actress she once was.  Thankfully with a lil time, lots of effort and a bit of bravery,Julie finds out that she can let go of her secrets.  But can her mother?

Thanks so to Holly for sharing her book with me.  I was taken with the story line. I did not expect this book in the mail but oh what a wonderful read it has been.

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