Just Like Granddad

Growing up I remember my Granddad having a bowl of ice cream every night before bed.  I thought how wonderful to be an adult and have the freedom of eating whatever you want.  Of course now I realize that the having ice cream every night is not great when watching your sugar levels.  Thankfully I can indulge due to Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom No Sugar Added Ice Cream.  With only 110 calories in a serving and better still only 35 of them are from fat.  Also only 11 grams of sugar.  So you should know I am enjoying having a bowl of banana split ice cream every evening.  This while remembering my Granddad.

Thanks to Klout Rewards for providing me 2 coupons  and an ice cream scoop so I could try Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom No Sugar Added Ice Cream.

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  1. Sounds good-and better for you than regular ice cream!


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