JD Meets the Fraggles

JD popped in the other day to see me. Well to drop off laundry actually. But she makes sure she gives me a hug and a kisses. Oh and she grabbed my newest DVD that arrived in the mail. Fraggle Rock: Meet The Fraggles by Jim Henson.   It was sent to me for review and as you well know we are never paid for reviews.  Well I told her if she was going to take it then she had to give the review.  JD dashed out of the house with a smile on her face as she hollered back a resounding "Yipee".  So here is JD's review.

I actually don't remember watching Fraggle Rock as a kid. Still, I was thrilled to be handed Meet the Fraggles. Jim Henson's work has always been amazing to me and this DVD is no exception. There are six episodes included (Beginnings, We Love You Wembley, Boober's Dream, Red's Club, Mokey and the Minstrels, and Gobo's Discovery) and each one seems better than the last.

Fraggles are diminutive creatures who live on Fraggle Rock, the entry to which can be found in a hole in the wall in Doc's basement. Throughout these episodes, the problems Doc and his dog Sprocket, both inhabitants of our world, face are mirrored by the Fraggles.(Doc, of course knows nothing about the Fraggles and Sprocket can not find the right combination of barks to communicate their existence to his human.) This mirroring of problems was one of the things I enjoyed most about the show. 

 When presented with a people who convince you to dance your cares away, you wouldn't expect to find themes/lessons like personal identity, social conflict, or prejudice. These lessons are so smoothly interwoven between catchy tunes and utter Fraggle silliness that I found myself smiling, wanting to see more long before the credits rolled.

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