Gain-ing a Swiffer Clean

It has been a go go go go month.  I feel like I have ran my lil legs off.  But I also feel like I am keeping up with my responsibilities around the house.  I have been working on cleaning as much as possible.  It is really hard to do with a drafty 100 year old home.  But I keep plodding away at it.

Swiffer was so kind to help me out by sending me their Spring is in the Air kit.  Oh my, you can really fall for this one since they have the Gain scent in the wipes.  This is a review and not a paid for review.  All opinions are of my own expression.  I have been a Swiffer fan all along anyway.  Add in that Gain smell and you have me drooling over my cleaning.  I plan on trying out the citrus and lavender scents too.  Now let's see how well it works.

 We have a nasty kitchen floor.  It is a combination of 5 dogs that run in and out of the house and a back door that stands open anytime we have nice weather.  Remember we live in Texas where the weather is rarely cold and I can handle the heat up into the 90's.  Dirt blows in non stop.  Being a Texas woman I also fry something about once a week so that adds to the issue.

I do have to say that the Swiffer Sweeper with the wet cloths really do clean up.  Also the dry ones do double duty.  Fresh scent and pulls even more dirt off the floor.  Look at that!
Wet cloth on the left and the dry cloth on the right.

Just look at Krazy Kat (my BFF) as she sucks up that Gain
scent.  She checked out the floors afterwards too.  Yeppers....the Gain scent was there too!

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