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Okay, last week I told you I was one busy girl.  That I had moved all my living room furniture and that I was pain free.  Remember.  Well guess what I did?

I repainted my livingroom.  From ceiling to floor.  As a matter of fact the ceiling and floor too!  Thanks to HomeRight Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer the job went pretty well.   There was a few problems but they were due to my lack of knowledge.  Like did you know that with a paint sprayer you need to thin your paint?  Well I did not know that.  It clogs up the filter and makes it leak and sputter and spit.  Learned that lesson now!    

This is what happens when you do not thin the paint.  It leaks all over.  Gosh so my fault!

This is my before photos of my floor and door.

This is my before of my nasty wood floors.

And look at the ugly door where the dogs had scratched and scratched at it.

Now look at the best looking livingroom.  I love that the walls, floor, ceiling and trim are all the same color.  It made the room look so much larger!

And here it is with my antiques put back in place.  Yes, that is the word for my old ass furniture.  

HomeRight is kind enough to share with me and share with you too!

This Heavy Duty Paint Sprayer can be yours to share or give to Dad for Father's Day.  I am even going to kick in a gift card to Starbucks from Crazed Mind.  You know that if you work hard on painting your going to want to kick back with a cup of coffee afterwards.

Thanks so to HomeRight for sharing with me.  I love the results.  You will too!

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  1. I def need to do my master bedroom

  2. Dawn Seeman5/23/13, 3:57 PM

    My guest room, we have so many guests coming this next year. I would love to have it looking Fantastic for them!!

  3. I would like to paint our living room.

  4. I would want to paint the kitchen and living room first

  5. I would paint my bathroom

  6. My living room. We have just bought a new (older) home. We are almost done with a complete kitchen remodel--next comes painting every room in the house! Then moving outside?
    bethelderton59 at gmail dot com

  7. I want to start with the family room. I have 4 children and the youngest 2 boys have autism and I have lived in my home for 10 years and every room needs painting!

  8. My kitchen! Every room in my house needs this, but the kitchen needs it first. Thank you!

  9. I would paint my living room first, then kitchen :)

  10. My master bedroom. I keep putting it off.

  11. Definitely my master bedroom. I keep putting it off.

  12. I would definitely paint my living room first. The poor room has not been painted in probably 15+ years and I am past ready for a makeover. Then I would paint all my picture frames black and start filling them with new pictures. Wow, that is a lot of work that I would be creating for my self. lol

    Long time no talk my Texas friend!! Miss ya!


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